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Welcome to The Family Historian. I hope this is a place where you can find interesting and helpful content for your genealogy search.

Susan Holmes The Family Historian         

I’m just a back woods country girl that got thrown into the city as a young adult and forever yearned to find my way back. There are three things that I love, that I just can’t get enough of, my family history, my animals, and of course my children and grandchildren.

I was in grade school when we had an assignment to write a biography on someone, and I chose my grandfather, Venus Pierce, whom I had never met, as he died before he was ever a grandfather. In high school I had a teacher who taught a bit about tracing back your family history and I was hooked. I’ve been at it for almost 45 years. Before the internet it was much more difficult. Ancestry.com and other similar programs online have made tracing the family tree so much easier than it used to be, and if you consider all the postage you save..it’s well worth the cost.

Searching the counties, and states of the places my ancestors lived, and learning about their lives fills me with wonder, but it also gives me a sense of being closer to them in some way. The strength and hardships that they endured lives on only in the memory of what has been, now a never ending paper trail. Until someone like me picks it up and continues to carry it forward. So this is my destiny.

Finding an old picture, document, or a letter from the past is a treasure that excites me. It’s like digging for gold! I search family history books, cemeteries, and records in hopes that it will lead me to a lost ancestor or family member. DNA has connected me with distant cousins that accept you instantly as family. It’s always exciting to add a new member to my family.

My animals. That being a King Charles Cavalier named Moses, a Jack Russel terrier called Barney, a Shichon whose name is Lulu but called Little Bit, and a Shih tzu, Winnie. a cat named Geneva, and a horse named Gracie. Fondly known as ‘my boys’ (the dogs), and “my girls”.

I was a single mother of two sons and a daughter. I raised my children in Oregon while working as an Adult Foster Provider for Lane County Mental Health. When my daughter, the youngest, graduated from high school, I moved back to Kansas to be closer to my aging parents. I’m now the grandmother of six boys and one little princess that was born on my birthday!


“Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.”

I am a genealogist addict! Tracing my tree is fun but I also enjoy helping others by sharing tools, tips, and tricks that might be helpful in their search for their roots. I hope that by sharing with you my genealogical journey might also help you in your search.

My Mission

I hope to share with you content that will lead you to the information, tools, and help that will assist you in your journey into the past.

If your ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Susan A Pierce Holmes

The Family Historian

Who Am I by Susan Pierce




  1. Hi Susan
    I have passed a little time reading some pages on your site
    i saw you focus a lot on historical DNA for sure you have a great reason that motivates you to do that.
    I saw your comment on my post at first i thought you didn’t consider historical fact;

    but when i head over to your site i can see you are a great fan of history. you spend your life looking for fact and info to instruct others about ancestor DNA meaning you can have your eyes on the historical events of the world. also if you want to.

    “but you are not forced to see it” only what someone can see is existing and true for him.

    keep instructing people on what they want and might be useful for them
    thank you.

    1. thank you yes history absolutely plays a big part in genealogical research! Stop by and check i on me now and then! I welcome your comments and feed back!

  2. Hi Susan,

    Your articles show a lot of research and effort. “About Me” also expresses your eagerness to trace your lineage and wanting to know about your ancestral history.

    Your articles are very informative and I specifically like the part where DNA trace gives you an opportunity to find some distant relatives and welcome them into the family.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I admire your genealogical research drive. I hope you find the joy you’re looking for as you link up with your family members.

    1. There is so much one learns about themselves when researching family history. It truly is a passion. One has a lot of AH HA moments! You should try it!

    1. Welcome Tony. Wow if I can help you in anyway please reach out to me. I’m an addict…doesn’t have to be my tree…just the search that gets me going like a hound dog after a fox! LOL

  4. Hi Susan,

    First I have to say I absolutely love the picture at the top of the page. Is that your family? I have such a great desire to research my geneology, and I was so happy I found your site! It’s great to have a place dedicated to helping me do just that. Thank you for great info!


    1. Yes Babs the picture at the top is my third great grandfathers family (well part of it..I believe he had 18 children with two wives) Moses Pierce from Sugar Grove, Virginia. I’m too glad you found me and I hope that my content is of some value and especially interest. Come back often and if I can in anyway be of assistance please let me know. Don’t wait too long to start…the more people you have to talk to the more you will learn!

  5. WOW! You’ve made a lot of progress and improvements since I looked at your page the first time. Very in depth and informative. Keep going!
    People shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about researching their own tree. You know the tricks to make theirs a success!

  6. Love the stories. I remember it was such a big deal when I was a kid!
    I steer clear of the stores during the holidays and do my shopping online with no hassles and in “casual attire”!!!
    Your page is really coming along nicely. Informative, entertaining with a personal touch.

    1. Thank you Bob, I appreciate that you come back and read what I write and enjoy it! Ah yes…shopping in pj’s …that’s what I like, but then you know how much I hate to shop now don’t you. Online shopping is perfect for those of us who don’t have to touch it before we buy it…but don’t get drunk and prime..right?

      1. Hi Cousin. What a great job you have done. My wife’s line is George Pierce’s daughter Mary (1690-1751) who married Joseph Brinton (1693-1751).
        My info had Caleb’s twin sons Samuel (1766-1838) & Joshua (1766-1851) as establishing the botanical gardens & you have Joshua’s sons. Maybe both? Also, you had Caleb b. 21 Feb 1692 (that’s what I have) at the beginning of his description, but 22 Mar 1770 at the end. I’m just comparing notes & I’m sure you are more accurate. Again, a wonderful job you have done !!

  7. Hello Cousin. Actually, Pierce is on my wife’s side of the family and she is a birthright Quaker from a long line of Quakers. You did a great job on your WebSite…lots of good information. Wife Sue’s connection is:

    George Pierce + Ann Gainer
    Mary Pierce + Joseph Brinton
    Thomas Temple + Jane Brinton
    Caleb Temple + Rachel Bloomall
    Thomas Bloomall + Elizabeth Sharpless Worrall
    Sarah Worrall Temple + Richard Jacob Baldwin (PA Senator)
    William Paxson Temple + Mary Griffith Baldwin
    Sarah Temple Baldwin + Robert Hamilton Gillespie
    Susan Paxson Gillespie Rosier + me (Bob Rosier)

    1. I know exactly where you are in the tree!! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! and so good to hear from you. I’m glad that you are enjoying the content. I could possibly have made an error in transferring my info, I’ll check into that as I strive for correct information. My information ( mostly) about Longwood Gardens actually came from the Garden. I contacted them and explained who I was and lineage and they sent me the info I have. Have you been there? It is on my bucket list as well as visiting some of the other areas. My dream is to spend at least 6 months on the East coast exploring and digging into the history of our families.

  8. Hi Susan
    Yes, we have been to Longwood Gardens many times. We have relatives in the area. Good idea you contacting them. I read all the plaques when there, but forgot a lot. Next time I will take pictures of the plaques 🙂

    West Chester Historical Society in West Chester has a LOT of information on all the families. You can take photographs of any document and there is a reasonable one time charge for using a camera. I marked off a 81/2″ x 11″ with masking tape on a table, set up my camera overhead with tripod, and used a remote control transmitter/receiver. That way I could insert a document and take a picture in about a second. I mentioned this because there is soooo much information if you decide to visit.

    I have an original land grant document signed and sealed by William Penn…my hero.

    Thanks again for putting all the information together and sharing. Regards, Bob

  9. Hi Susan, I am an 8th great granddaughter of Thomas Macy and a 9th great granddaughter of Tristam Coffin. My grandmother visited Nantucket Island later in her life and shared a few stories. I’ve research off and on over several years and have just picked up this line of the family again. Your site is very informative! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Cousin! I’m glad you found it informative. If you find anything new to add please let me know!! As you well know our trees are always a work in progress. Don’t be afraid to question information. There is a lot of incorrect information out there. I find mistakes in my own tree as well. Always do your own research and don’t trust what others assume!! I often times leave hints until I can find something that I know is the truth. Document Document Document! I can’t stress that enough!! Have fun researching and if you run into my tree and find mistakes or questionable info please don’t be afraid to collaborate with me!! As much as real researchers try…we slip up occasionally too! I made a HUGE mistake in my tree awhile back and I’m still having a problem fixing it. It happens. Don’t panic! I can’t wait to visit Nantucket myself! Almost everyone there is related!! LOL

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